Scenario 7

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You are designing a vSphere environment that will utilize a distributed vSwitch that has two high-speed (10 Gbps) uplinks per ESXi host. It will provide networking for VMs, vMotion, and management. You intend to allow vMotion to maximize the utilization of available (unused) network bandwidth whenever hosts attempt to enter maintenance mode. However, you are concerned that uncontrolled network utilization by vMotion could cause competition with production VM network traffic and management traffic. You want to configure the distributed switch to accommodate your intention and concern. You want to test the configuration on a distributed virtual switch in your current vSphere environment, although it has only a single, 1 Gbps uplink per ESXi host.


Environment Information:

Objective: 2.4 Administer vNetwork Distributed Switch Settings

Guide Reference(s): 2.4 Administer vNetwork Distributed Switch Settings


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To accomplish this task, the administrator can perform the following steps: