Scenario 16

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Your vSphere environment currently does not provide any centralized logging. You use a Windows-based vCenter Server whose FQDN is vcenter01.lab.local. You need to provide a central location to automatically collect all ESXi logs.


Environment Information:

Objective: 6.1 Configure, Manage, and Analyze vSphere Log Files

Guide Reference(s):


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‒ Accept the patent and license agreements.
‒ Set the installation and repository directories appropriately.
‒ Select VMware vCenter Server installation.
‒ Provide the appropriate vCenter name and credentials.
‒ Keep the default value for the Syslog Collector Server Port (514), and verify that TCP protocol and UDP protocol are enabled.
‒ Ensure the collector is identified by the fully qualified name vcenter01.lab.local.

‒ Select the host, and select Configuration tab > Advanced Settings.
‒ Select Syslog > global.
‒ Set to vcenter01.lab.local.
‒ Select Configuration tab > Security Profile > Firewall > Properties.
‒ Ensure that syslog is enabled (checked) and the outgoing ports are UDP/TCP 514.