Scenario 11

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You are the administrator for a vSphere environment and are trying to determine the root cause of the performance issues for a specific VM. You suspect the issue is mostly related to performance of the disk I/O from the VM. You are wondering whether you can improve the performance by migrating the VM to a datastore backed by storage devices that are configured differently than storage devices currently utilized by the VM. For example, you wonder whether changing the RAID level could improve performance. You want to examine the latency associated with the VM’s I/O. You also want to determine if the VM’s I/O is mostly sequential.


Environment Information:

Objective: 3.4 Utilize Advanced vSphere Performance Monitoring Tools

Guide Reference(s):


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vcsciStats –l

vscsiStats -s -w 1000

vscsiStats –p latency

vscsiStats –p seekDistance