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The Unknown Gossip Columnist Rides Again

Will Jane Dow be leaving her role as Major Pressman on Dark Heroes? Rumor has it she's been offered the starring role in a new pilot for another network.
Millenium Mysteries may be adding two new characters this season. Word is that Michael Arrans has been signed to play the new head of the Mystery Team, and Andrew Peterson may be coming on board as an alien.
A little bird told us that someone from the cast of Journey to Jeopardy is expecting a new baby next spring. Wonder who she is? Here's a clue: she directed her first episode last month.
Merridith Garett, star of the fur and feather epic "Misterra, Jungle Princess", is getting married next month to long time boyfriend Keith Wild. They plan to settle down for a while and are looking for a show they can do together.
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