ExamGear FAQ

McAfee Virus Checker reports that ExamGear has a virus. What should I do?

This is a known issue with the McAfee Virus Checking software. Please be assured that ExamGear does not have a virus. ExamGear uses a 3rd-party program to compress it's binary files (executables, dll's, etc), and this is what is triggering McAfee into thinking that ExamGear has a virus. This issue has been brought to the attention of those at McAfee and they are currently working on a solution.

How do I get support?

Via phone, please call (800) 428-5331. Via the web, visit http://www.quepublishing.com/about/contact_us/index.asp.

Where can I get the latest updates?

Visit the ExamGear homepage at www.quepublishing.com/examgear for the latest updates and news about ExamGear. Note that there are separate downloads for the ExamGear, ExamGear 2000, and ExamGear 2000 Training Guide Edition products.

I ran the Unlock program that I downloaded from the e-commerce site and my exam is still locked. What do I do?

Please exit ExamGear and run it again. You must be out of ExamGear for the Unlock program to work.

My older exams do not work with the new ExamGear. What should I do?

ExamGear data formats change periodically. When this happens, the ExamGear program itself is changed to support the new format. If you are experiencing these types of issues, please download the latest ExamGear from www.quepublishing.com/examgear.

The ExamGear interface seems to show up weird on my machine. The buttons, text, and user interface items all are not aligned correctly. What's wrong?

In most cases like this, you have the Large Fonts setting turned "On" for your computer. Currently, ExamGear does not support Large Fonts. Change your computer's desktop display settings to use Small Fonts and ExamGear should display everything correctly.

What platforms does ExamGear run on?

ExamGear will run on any Win32-based platform. This includes Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and Millennium Edition.

When I try to load ExamGear, it reports an "error loading midas.dll". What should I do?

This error occurs on some Windows 98 machines. Please copy the midas.dll from the installation directory to your Windows directory and the problem should be fixed.