Introduction - Page 4 States that the book is divided into eight parts, but it actually has 5 parts in it.

Chapter 1 - Page 18 There is a mistake in the first line of the sample CSS code illustrating the different selector types. The code reads (error is bolded):

p (font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 12}

The parenthesis after the 'p' is incorrect it should be an opening curly brace, as in the following:

p {font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 12}

Chapter 3, Page 193 Page 41, Question 1 asks:

How can Dreamweaver deploy a local site to a remote site? Choose 2

A. HTTP, B. A mapped drive, C. Telnet, D. FTP

The answer on pg 193, state B and C, when the correct answers are B and D. (text is correct in answer)

Chapter 10 Page 100 The first line on this page, which involves the summary of this chapter states:

Dreamweaver provides several ways of inserting images into documents and automatically updates links when you move files using the Site window.

The word 'images' in this sentence is incorrect should be 'links'.

Chapter 11 Page 195 Page 105, Question 2: The question asks what types of Tags does Dreamweaver NOT clean from Microsoft word documents when prompted. The options given are: A. XML From HTML tags, B. All CSS tags, C.