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Setting Directory-based Authentication

To set up authentication on a directory or Web site within IIS, you just need to set the security properties. To get to the right properties dialog

  1. Open IIS Manager.

  2. Right-click on the Web site or directory on which you want to enable authentication.

  3. Click Directory Security to change to the directory security tab.

  4. Click the Edit button within the Authentication and access control panel to go to the authentication properties window.

From now on, different authentication types require different settings and parameters, so we'll deal with the basics of each individually.

Anonymous Authentication

Anonymous authentication allows anonymous users to automatically be given the credentials of a specific, usually low privilege, user. Although it does not need to be enabled for your site to work, enabling it will allow you to control what objects an anonymous user has access to by configuring the security on folders and files within the filesystem.

To enable this authentication, click the corresponding check box and then enter the username and password for that user, or click the Browse button to find a user within the local or domain databases.

Basic Authentication

Basic authentication enables the login and password to be transferred in clear text, without encryption. To enable this type of authentication, you should click the corresponding check box and then specify both the domain and realm (OU) that the credentials should be verified against.

Digest Authentication

Digest authentication ensures that the credentials are encrypted during transit, but can only be enabled on domain servers and only works with Active Directory domain accounts.

To enable, click the corresponding check box. You must specify the realm (domain or OU) to authenticate against.

Integrated Windows Authentication

This authentication method works by validating the user's credentials that she used to log in to the domain on her machine. It requires Internet Explorer as a client.

To enable this authentication method, just click the corresponding check box; there are no further parameters to configure.

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