Foreword by Guy Kawasaki

First, you have to understand that I think writing software is more art than science. How is it, then, that I would write a foreword for a book that is focused on the nuts and bolts, instead of the creative?

The creative process of both art and software is highly overrated. Clear your mind of visions of sitting around in a comfy chair as the software muse penetrates your mind and thousands of lines of elegant code flow effortlessly from your brain. If you've created software, you know it isn't like this.

Art is hard. Debugging is even harder. This is a book that will help you and your team become better artists. It is about discipline, teamwork, perspiration, and, yes, inspiration. I hope you read it, and it enables you to create great art (a.k.a. software) that changes the world.

Guy Kawasaki,
Garage Technology Ventures