Corrected Figures for Web Hacking (0-201-76176-9)

by Stuart McClure, Saumil Shah, and Shreeraj Shah

chapter 6-fig-6-12

Figure 6-12 Forcing a database error with ColdFusion
(page 194)

chapter 7-fig-7-5

Figure 7-5 Sam Spade run against
(page 216)

chapter 10-fig-10-19

Figure 10-19 Copying purchases.mdb to c:\inetpub\wwwroot
(page 304)

chapter 10-fig-10-20

Figure 10-20 Downloading purchases.mdb
(page 305)

chapter 11-fig-11-3

Figure 11-3 Altering the ID parameter to retrieve new database records
(page 313)

chapter 11-fig-11-4

Figure 11-4 Using the universal SQL truism of "OR 1=1" allows display of all records in the database
(page 314)

chapter 11-fig-11-5

Figure 11-5 Forcing the database to execute commands with a single URL
(page 315)