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If (heaven forbid!) you find a mistake in the HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide or on this Web site, please let us know. We'll post corrections and clarifications here.

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Page 18 (also, pages 58 and 326)

The first sentence in the third paragraph should read:
In addition, you might want to take a look at Statmarket's site (, ...

Page 87

The page reference in the caption for Figure 5.15 is incorrect. It should read:
The HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes are discussed on pages 85 and 92.

Page 129-131

Pages 129-131 explain how to create a clickable client-side image map. One important detail is not explicit: you must use pixels as the unit for the COORDS attribute in step 5 at the bottom of page 130.

Page 194

Step 3 on this page is missing a closing quotation mark. The first line of this step should read ACTION=""

Page 240

In Figure 13.1, all the <EM> and </EM> tags should be highlighted in red.

Page 261

There is a colon missing at the end of step 1. It should say Type font-weight:.