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If (heaven forbid!) you find a mistake in the Red Hat Linux 6: Visual QuickPro Guide or on this Web site, please let us know. We'll post corrections and clarifications here.

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Page 12
In step 9, the last sentence should read:
Tab to the Workstation check box and press Enter to continue.

Page 53
The last sentence under To restore booting to a visual environment should read:
Set the initial default run level to run level 5.

Page 70
Step 5 should read:
Check Use PAP Authentication, and click Done.

Page 125
The first sentence of step 2 should read:
Choose Screen Shot from the Xtns menu in the Gimp toolbox.

Page 215
The following Tip should appear at the bottom of the page:
Red Hat documentation tells you not to manually edit individual crontab files, so do so at your own risk.

Page 257
The second bulleted item should read:
Become educated about security tools. A great deal of security software is in the public domain, available at no cost. The Center for Information Technology at the National Institutes of Health maintains a good source for software at, where you can download utilities such as tripwire, crack, and COPS. You can use these utilities to make sure that your passwords are up to snuff, and to set traps for intruders (see sidebar).

Page 311
The index entry for "zulu" shouldn't be there.