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Author's Web Site
Interview with the author

Red Hat

Red Hat site and store
Red Hat Support Site
Red Hat Errata
Linux tips, tricks & howtos
Red Hat Knowledgebase

Installation Issues

The Official Red Hat Linux 6.0 Installation Guide
Linux Installation and Getting Started
Disk partitioning strategies according to Red Hat support
More Disk Partitioning
Hardware and Linux
Troubleshooting Professional Magazine: November, 1998 Guide to configuring Linux

Linux Documentation, Links, and Communities

Linux FAQ
The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
Linux Online
Linux Links: "The Linux Portal"
Michael Holve's Everything Linux
The Linux Web Ring
Linux Journal
Linux Applications page
LinuxApps: "If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere!"

GNOME, GNU and Apache

The GNOME Project
Midnight Commander File Manager
The Gnumeric Spreadsheet
Gnome Pilot: Palm Pilot data exchange under Gnome
Gnome Workshop: Gnome Office Suite
Guppi: Statistical plotting and manipulation
The GNOME development site
Gnome software map

GNU's not Unix!: The GNU Project and Free Software Foundation
What is Free Software?
Confusing Words
Why software should not have owners
GNU General Public License

Apache Software Foundation
Aapache Server Project
Aapache Server FAQ
Aapache 1.3 Users Guide
The Java Aapache Project
Apache GUI Project
PHP - Server-side dynamic scripting language for Linux, Apache and DBMS

The Gimp

The Gimp Homepage
Gimp Documentation
Gimp goodies for use with The Gimp
Download the latest Gimp
Gimp Art
Gimp Plug-In Registry
Everybody loves The GIMP
The Gimp in Hungarian
Digital Stains: Gimp Resources

Corel WordPerfect for Linux

Corel Linux Community
Download Corel WordPerfect for Linux
Corel WordPerfect for Linux FAQ See what the developers of WordPerfect for Linux are up to now!


PostgreSQL - The Commercial Website
Informix on Linux Documentation
Download Informix for Linux try and buy from Intraware
Oracle for Linux Web site
Download Sybase Adaptive Server for Linux


Security Resources
Security Tips for Apache Web server configuration
World Wide Web Security FAQ
Computer Security Information (National Institutes of Health)
Matt's Unix Security Page
Unix Security Tools


The Catherdral and the Bazaar
Humorix the Linux humor site ("the lighter side of Linux")
The Linux Counter
The Lynx text-based Web browser
The Linux Penguin
The Software Wars
Segfault - "Designed by Gurus, built by Morons," and related stories
The Jargon File - A guide to the proper construction and usage of hacker slang
Bill Gate's Wealth Clock: How much is Bill Gates worth today? And what is your personal contribution?