Tips and Techniques Login to iSQL*Plus

If you are using Oracle 9.2, your default URL should be of the format:


Previous Oracle versions did not require the port number.

If you have a local machine called scooby, your URL may look like this:


With a domain name (here, it may look like this:  

To be able to login with iSQL*Plus on Oracle 9i Release 2 your login screen should look similar to Figure 1.

Login screen for Oracle 9i Release 2

Figure 1: Login screen for Oracle 9i Release 2

If you are unsure about your specific port number, refer to the port and listen directives in the httpd.config file on the Web server or try the default port 7778. You may have also made a note of the port # when you initially installed the Oracle software. The following screen (Figure 2) lists the port number. This screen is displayed at the end of the Oracle software installation (9.2.01). Here the machine name is xware-n5we9shay and the port number is 7778. A second port number is listed for the https protocol used for a secure login to iSQL*DBA.

Installation information about HTTP server

Figure 2: Installation information about HTTP server.

If you still don't get the login page displayed, remove the # in front of the reference to the isqlplus.cnf file within the HTTP server configuration file (%ORACLE_HOME%\Apache\Apache\conf\oracle_apache.conf). Then restart the HTTP server.

You can find out your machine name in Windows 2000 as follows: My Computer -> Network Identification. The Full computer name shows the list of your machine name. If you don't connect to a local machine, but over the Internet, contact your network support staff for the correct URL to access the machine.

There is more information on the OTN Web site at:

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