Tips and Techniques: Login to iSQL*Plus

In Oracle 10g, your default URL should be of the format:


The following URL shows a valid format. As part of the default Oracle installation, you will see your iSQL*Plus port number displayed. Usually the default port is 5560.

If you your iSQL*Plus application server is installed on a machine on your local network, you can omit the domain. In the following example, the machine name is Scooby:


To connect to Oracle using iSQL*Plus, your login screen will look similar to Figure 1.

Login screen

Figure 1: iSQL*Plus login screen for Oracle 10g

If you do not receive any login screen, your URL may be incorrect or the iSQL*Plus Application Server may not be running. For the Windows operating system, the iSQL*Plus application server runs as a Windows service and is automatically started and stopped. You can verify if the service is running by choosing Services from the Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools menu.

For all operating systems, including Windows, you can start the utility from the command line. The general syntax is as follows:

%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\isqlplusctl start

The ORACLE_HOME is your Oracle home directory where the Oracle files for the database instance are located.

You can find more information on troubleshooting your iSQL*Plus installation in the SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference manual. Also refer to Oracle's OTN SQL*Plus specific Web site found at