Links for the Dreamweaver MX Advanced Visual QuickPro Guide

We've compiled all the URLs that we reference in the book onto this page for easy clicking. Also, if the URL changes from what we've printed, we can update this page more easily than we can update your copy of the book. (For that, we'd have to fly around the world like Santa, zooming in through office windows with a magical red pen.) Let us know if you find a site that's helpful or a link that's dead by emailing (We get too much spam to make this a clickable link.)

(Note: We're sure you could guess this, but chapters that do not contain links are not listed here.)

Chapter 1

An open-source SQL database

The home page for this free, open-source server-side scripting language includes a tutorial for beginners and manuals and notes for the more-advanced user.

Marc Liyanage's Mac OS X page
Includes information on many scripting and server platforms.

James Shaw's CoverYourASP page
The entire ASP site is open-source and its source-code help includes documentation for PWS and IIS.

Chapter 2

For cut and paste purposes only. These paths do nothing unless you've got a testing server set up on your local machine or network. is a special purpose testing URL for your computer.

http://localhost/ is another way to test your site on your computer.

Chapter 3

MySQL again

Chapter 4
An interactive introductory SQL course.

SQL Tutorial
Brought to you by the BayCon Group.

Introduction to Structured Query Language
A short tutorial by James Hoffman.

Chapter 6
Look at this URL to see how Google processes search queries such as "dolphin safe bath towel"

Chapter 9

A "virtual laboratory" for emerging Web technologies.
XMethods' California Traffic Conditions demonstration
XMethods' California Traffic Conditions WSDL file

O'Reilly Publishing
ColdFusion MX articles on the O'Reilly Web site
Dick Applebaum's "ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 1
Dick Applebaum's "ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2"
Dick Applebaum's "ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3"

Chapter 10

Macromedia Exchange
You can download tons of user-created behaviors and other tools (or upload your own!) here.

Chapter 11

The XML Spec
What the Extensible HTML version 1.0 Transitional DTD actually looks like.

W3C's XHTML namespace
This page offers more XHTML links, including information about plain old XML.

Chapter 15

Search Engine Watch
Tips on how various search engines work and news about the search engine industry.

Internet Explorer Special Effects
Demonstrations of various refresh effects on

The Web Robots Pages
These pages explain the Robots Exclusion Standard and how to use it on your site.

W3C's specification for the link tag
Remember that <link> is different than the <a> tag used to describe actual, clickable links like the ones on this page.

Cookie Central
A watchdog resource concerned with Web information-gathering and how the cookies.txt file affects privacy and security.

Chapter 16

W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative
Accessibility guidelines are now a Web standard. This site also offers links to alternative browsers for using or testing.

W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
This site for developers explains how to make your site accessible to people with disabilities.

Section 508
The U.S. federal government's guide to the rules that require government sites to be accessible.

Macromedia's guide to accessibility
Macromedia explains how to use all its products, from Dreamweaver to Director, for making accessible content.

W3C's recommendation for Cascading Style Sheets, level 2
In planned alternate browsers, developers will be able to present alternate versions of their content by using different style sheets. For example, a text-to-speech reader could access the aural style sheet for a given page rather than the typographic style sheet used for standard browsers.
CSS 2, Section 7: Media types
CSS 2, Section 13: Paged media
CSS 2, Section 19: Aural style sheets

Wireless Development Network
A news and tools source for wireless developers.

Web Reference: Wireless Markup Language resources
Presenting articles and tutorials for this flavor of XML for portable devices.

The WAP Forum
This industry organization, which has become part of the Open Mobile Alliance, promotes the Wireless Application Protocol, an open, extensible, and cross-platform standard for transmitting data over wireless devices.

Chapter 17

See Tarin's Travel Timeline in action!
This animation, as seen in the book, includes two timelines, and features a swap image action, the show-hide layer action, moving layers, the autoplay action, and the loop action.

Chapter 19

Macromedia: Entries for the menus.xml file in the Dreamweaver Support Center
If you're having trouble editing this file, you can check the technotes and other documentation for other instances of your problem.

W3C's Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification
This is the basis for all DOM standards that allow dynamic access to document content, structure and style.