Updates & Corrections for
PHP for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide

On page 45, in Script 4.3, line 6 is missing an initial <. It should read </php

On page 63, the paragraph starting "md5() is similar is use", should say "is similar in use". That sentence also ends with an extraneous period.

On page 73, Step 4 says that the discount will only be applied if the $TotalCost value is lesser than or equal to $50. It should be if the $TotalCost is greater than or equal $50.

On page 139, in Script 9.4 and in the corresponding instructions, the second "morning" shoud be "afternoon".

On page 215, in Script 13.1, the closing "" on line 11 (and also in Step 4) is missing it's slash.

On page 251, there are a couple of errors. The first is that the printer fused two dashes (--) into one. Thus, in steps 5 and 7, the code --with-apache, --enable-track-vars and --activate-module should all begin with two dashes.

Secondarily, the code in step 7 should read: cd ../apache_1.3.14 ./configure --activate- module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a (The 's' is missing after module=.)

On page 272, in the index, it refers to "elsif" but it should be "elseif".

On page 275 (in the index), there is a reference to the PCP.net Web site, which should be the PHP.net Web site.